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Valhalla - The Legend Of Thor

Siblings Roskva and Tjalfe embark on an epic adventure from Midgard to Valhalla with the gods Thor and Loki. Life in Valhalla, however, turns out to be threatened by the dreaded Fenrir wolf and the god's barbaric archenemies, the troll like giants. Side by side with the gods, the two children will fight to save Valhalla from the end of the world in Ragnarok.


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Program Details
  • Format: 1 x 101 Minutes
  • Production Year: 2019
  • Supplier: Trust Nordisk
  • Original Language: English
"The film wasn’t what I was expecting, even from the trailer. I thought that this was going to be a high action magical adventure movie, but it was a lot more grounded than that, with a more human story at the centre of it. The gods were less godly, and more like real people, which benefited the film. There were also a number of shots that really showed how amazing the Scandinavian countryside is, and those visuals were amazing. Sadly, I feel like the film might get overshadowed by bigger, flashier versions of Norse mythology, which is a shame, as it’s a very cool movie." - Amy Walker, Set the Tape "The action is solid and bloodless for the most part and I was impressed with director Fenar Ahmad's vision, and ultimately I hope this film reaches more mortals in our world." -Eamon Tracy, Irish Film Critic The intense and dangerous moments and the battle scenes, the visuals of darkness and otherworldly forces create a great atmosphere where you can lose yourself and experience a new brutal reality, based on the ancient rules and whims of supernatural powers. It is a very enjoyable fantasy as the story dips into the wealth of the Norse myths, with quite amazing special effects conveying the mood of fear and despair, and occasional wonder." -Ewa Sherman, Nordic Lighthouse
Danish Film Awards (Robert) 2020 Winner - Best Visual Effects and Best Children/Youth Film Nominee - Best Production Design, Best Cinematography and Best Make-Up Edda Awards, Iceland 2020 Winner - Best Costume Design and Best Children's Programme Nominee - Best Make Up
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