Over 34 years of experience in the global film, television and video distribution business, building a reputation for quality and integrity.


  • Headquarters in the New York metropolitan area, one of the largest media markets in the world
  • Four-story, 3,000 square-foot office building, including conference room, screening room, multiple edit rooms and office suites, a private Clubroom, employee cafe, private parking lot, sculpture garden, and garret apartment


  • The company maintains accounts with Wells Fargo, a major American bank that can efficiently process international cross border payments
  • The company partners with Tipalti, a state-of-the-art Payments Processing Platform, to process monthly royalty payments, and to manage foreign jurisdiction tax management, including Double-Taxation (DTT) treaties and WithHolding Tax (WHT) compliance with U.S. government laws and IRS regulations
  • The company maintains a positive cash flow and zero debt, to consistently meet payroll, royalty, commission and overhead obligations
  • Collection of license fees and royalties and distribution of partner revenue shares, royalties and commissions
  • Management of deal servicing cash flow
  • Annual distribution of 1099s to U.S.-based partners and independent contractors, and 1042s to foreign entities
  • The company maintains a revolving seven-figure investment fund to pursue content acquisitions, production, and development

Risk Management

  • The company maintains property and liability insurance on its tangible property and physical assets
  • The company maintains professional liability (Errors & Omissions) insurance on its entire portfolio of content

Deal Servicing & Support

  • Management support throughout deal negotiations by a global sales team
  • Invoicing and global revenue collection
  • Country-specific taxation compliance
  • Tech evaluation and cloud-based delivery/ingest to platforms and clients of properly-encoded video and audio files, closed-caption files, transcripts, music cue sheets, metadata, artwork, publicity kits, etc.

Marketing Support

  • Company websites and Youtube channels
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X)
  • Promotional materials (design of key art packages, Powerpoint/Keynote pitch decks/PDFs)
  • In-house production of trailers, teasers, branding videos
  • Presence at global content markets and film festivals throughout the year


  • Negotiation and execution of all distribution agreements and license agreements
  • Intellectual property engagements with entertainment law firms in New York, Washington DC, Toronto

Content Acquisitions & Production

  • Sourcing new content and negotiating longterm distribution and license agreements, often in competition with much larger companies
  • Paying revenue shares, license fees or minimum royalty guarantees to acquire quality content in a competitive environment
  • Maintaining ongoing relationships with over 400 producers and content partners
  • Investment in the development of new IPs, and in the production of English-language versions of high-profile foreign-language content

Rights Management

  • Investments, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance of the company's proprietary rights management and royalty payment database solution, designed both to ingest inbound revenue reports from major platforms and to generate monthly outbound reports to our content partners.

Data Insights

  • Ongoing data analysis on the performance of our 24,000 hours of content and 42,000 assets across multiple digital video platforms around the world

Servers & Facilities

  • Archiving and maintenance of master and mezzanine files (video, audio, metadata, captions, publicity, transcripts, music cues, artwork, etc.)
  • In-house RAID/NAS networked work station servers for the secure storage of video and data files
  • File storage on third-party data servers (AWS, Molten, Apple iCloud, JW Player, WURL, Amagi, Google Workspace, Vimeo, Crashplan, etc.)
  • IT network security contractor on-call for maintenance and troubleshooting of routers and servers
  • High-speed fiber-optic internet access with multiple IP addresses
  • Multiple WiFi zones and internet access points, Cisco Meraki routers with advanced security
  • Dedicated file transfer solution (Molten) for secure, high-speed inbound and outbound data transfers
  • Company B2B website built with state-of-the-art CraftCMS content management system
  • Proprietary consumer-facing streaming platform (JANSON.TV) on the Web and in Roku and Fire TV app environments

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