We've been in business for 35 years.  Yes, you read that correctly. In the media business, that is an eternity. We have seen a lot of changes. Our fingers are on the everyday pulse of a wide range of media markets. Our consultancy can help with…


We provide a content sourcing service for major media companies seeking large libraries of programming for OTT, SVOD, AVOD or TVOD platform or FAST channel launches.



We can broker the sale of IPs and copyright libraries, large or small, whether to private equity firms or hedge funds seeking investments in the content business, or media companies looking to quickly expand existing asset libraries.



We can help branded content find new audiences, whether on digital platforms or on linear channels and networks, and we can match sponsors with content on our owned and operated platforms and channels.



We can help decode the mysterious landscape of U.S. public television, and provide insights on its many layers and players... the stations, the networks, the distributors, the series and strands, what works, what doesn't, who to pitch, and how best to design a project for PBS, whether for pledge or for the regular schedule, and how to finance it. Our PTS division also syndicates to the U.S. public television market on a station-by-station basis. Read more here.

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Do you have great content? Are you ready to monetize it across the major digital platforms in the United States? Or to have it distributed to broadcast networks and PayTV channels around the world? At Janson Media, we are always looking for quality, engaging content across a wide range of genres. If you want to be one of our Content Partners, let us hear from you.