Established in 1989 but re-imagined for the digital era, Janson Media is an independent media company based in New York, specializing in worldwide content development, production and distribution. The company has global reach, with long-standing relationships with media and entertainment companies in virtually every country in the world. Its partners and clients include major entertainment studios, digital platforms and streamers, broadcast and cable networks, and TV channels.

What We Do

One of the foremost digital studios in the world, Janson Media today has over 23,000 hours of content in global distribution. The company's portfolio of exclusive content includes independent feature films and documentaries, and television series in most genres -- animation and children’s, drama, crime, comedy, music, lifestyle, current affairs, social issues, science & technology, health & wellness, nature & wildlife, travel & adventure, history, and pop culture. In addition to long-standing relationships with legacy producers of film and television IPs, the company also partners with a new generation of digital content creators and influencers.

Janson works directly with Amazon Prime Video, FreeVee, YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, Hulu, Tubi, Roku, Pluto, NBC's Peacock, Comcast's Xumo and InDemand, Samsung, LG, Crackle, and many more. Major content partners include Bob Ross, Inc. (USA), Bloomberg (USA), Cineflix (Canada), CJ E&M (Korea), ARTÉ (France), BetaFilm (Germany), Mondo TV (Italy), Alpha Group (China), Aurora World (Korea), RT (Russia), Toonz Media Group (India), Star Media (Russia), Imira (Spain), Central Partnership (Russia), ABS-CBN (The Philippines), Autentic (Germany), Planeta Junior (Spain), USP Studios (India), and NRK (Norway), among others.

In recent years Janson has moved aggressively to grow its channel ownership and management presence on Youtube and Live TV platforms and Apps. The company curates the wildly successful Bob Ross channel on Youtube (5+ million subscribers and half a billion views), and its own JANSON channel, which recently surpassed 800,000 subscribers. The company also owns Giggle Mug, a children's content brand with a focus on quality, family-safe pre-school animatIon, and Hungry, a website, app, and FAST channel dedicated to food and cooking with celebrity chefs. Janson's brand management group also directs the Youtube and FAST channel growth strategies for such brands as Zebra Gamer, Coindesk, and Today’s Homeowner.

Through its Public Television Syndication (PTS) division, Janson Media also syndicates independently-produced programming to public television (PBS) stations across the United States, and consults with independent producers during the process of securing corporate sponsorships and raising financing.

As a content creator for traditional media, Janson has produced or executive-produced over 30 primetime television specials or series, working with such blue-chip broadcasters as PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, Bravo, Lifetime, TNT, and A&E. Its Hollywood Collection catalog of classic movie-star portraits and retrospectives remains a touchstone in the genre. Janson also owns Croisette Films, a boutique rights agency specialized in the development of IPs, and the marketing and sale of remake and format rights for movies and episodic television.

Janson Media is headquartered in The Cunningham House, a four-story historic townhouse built in 1835 and located in the Hudson River Valley about 45-minutes from midtown Manhattan.

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