Rights Portfolio

Here is a selection of recent releases from our portfolio of 3,100+ films and 1,600+ television series, comprising over 24,000 hours of content. Click on the images below to watch the content on our free streaming platform, JANSON TV.

If you represent a bona fide broadcaster, digital platform, or other company in the entertainment business, and you need great content, please contact us and let us know what you desire in terms of Genres, Rights, and Territories. We will prepare a customized Availabilities List for you.

Sins of Ireland
The Toy Shop
The Irish Wedding
Am I Here: Homeless in Ireland
Mother Teresa: No Greater Love
The Letter Writer
Twisted Blues
Skate or Die
The Bloody Duchess
Miniforce Dino King
Lugosi: The Curse of Dracula
Pirates Down the Street
Handyman Hal
Alien Agenda
Covert Games
Nelly Rapp
Then Normandy Landings
Australian Crime Stories
Ama Khando
Pati's Mexican Table
The Complete History of the Afghanistan War
Ash Lad: In Search Of The Golden Castle
Panfilov’s 28 Men
Murderous Minds: The Iceman
What Went Wrong: Countdown To Catastrophe
Kon Tiki
Danny’s Doomsday
Quattro Colori
Crafting A Nation
Con Men
Soldier Boy
Almazan Kitchen
Fantastic Journey To Oz
The Donkey King
Blossoms From Ash
The Ash Lad: In The Hall Of The Mountain King
Hitler’s Eastern Headquarters
Fortress Of War
Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed
Blue Hollywood
Johnstown Flood
Francis: The Pope From The New World
Kim Il Sung’s Children
Hitler’s Secret Science
Legend Of The Christmas Witch
Gettysburg And Stories Of Valor: The Civil War
Lincoln And Lee At Antietam
Man In Red Bandana
Riviera Cocktail
Cheerleaders An American Myth
Meeting Snowden
Mystery Of The Disappearing Bees
Gettysburg And Stories Of Valor: The Battle Of Gettysburg
The Dragon Spell
Follow The Money
Older Than Ireland
Pizza Shop
Serving For Justice
Silent Wings
Red Steagall Presents Cowboy
Stalking Hitler’s Generals
The Francis Effect
The Creepy Line
Song Of Rapa Nui
Strange Occurrences
The Gaudi Code
The Impossible Spy
The Last Persian Shah
The Ballymurphy Precedent
The DC-3 Story: The Plane That Changed The World
The Drawings Of Yves St Laurent
The Stolen Princess
The Wereth Eleven
The World’s Greatest Fair
Wild Witch
The Greater Good
The Making Of Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
The Irish Pub
The God Plant
The Grange Fair
The Worlds Of Harry Connick Jr.
Township Yogi
White Tiger
World War I: American Legacy
Berlin 1945
Hollywood Idols
Looking For The Hobbit
The Road To Pearl Harbor
Viking Women
Bob Ross
Travel with Kids
Adventures with Richard Bangs
Kitchen Wisdom of Cecilia Chiang

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