Elements of a PTS Campaign

Public television syndication campaigns have many components, and costs vary a great deal, depending on project format (onetime special or ongoing series), budget constraints of the producer, other rights made available to Janson Media (digital, television, non-theatrical), and other factors. Station-managed campaigns from major-market presenting stations (eg. WGBH, WNET, WTTW, WETA) can reach into six figures. Our own fees typically range from $20,000 to $50,000. Elements of a campaign can include the following:

Presentation Materials
The creation of webpages, PDF pitch decks and supporting documents.

Program master files must be edited and packaged properly for public television release. Management of this process includes creative, technical and legal issues.

File Distribution to Stations
We arrange for distribution of the broadcast video files and closed-caption files to station engineers.

Station Relations
We assign an independent or in-house “station relations” executive to every project. These experienced specialists, well-known and respected by public television programmers, engage with decision-makers and gatekeepers — public television content and scheduling executives — who then arrange for the program's scheduling.

Carriage Tracking
We maintain annual top-tier access to databases in order to provide our producers with accurate, ongoing carriage information, station-by-station, market-by-market, including day-parts and demographics.

Online Marketing Campaign
We can combine a PTS campaign with a private Youtube Premiere to ensure guaranteed viewership within Youtube's younger demographic. Precise Youtube viewership analytics will augment the data and demographics from our public television station carriage tracking service.

We can recommend publicity firms that specialize in PBS programming for a more traditional publicity campaign to reach television reviewers, influencers, and bloggers.

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