Mother Teresa: No Greater Love

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Twenty-five years have passed since the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, sparking a renewed interest in this spiritual giant of the 20th century. Filmed on 5 continents and featuring unprecedented access to both institutional archives and the apostolates of the Missionaries of Charity, this film reveals not just who Mother Teresa was, but how her singular vision to serve Christ in the poor continues to be realized through the Missionaries of Charity today. This is far more than a documentary film. It is at once a soaring tribute to a spiritual icon, a powerful witness of authentic Christian charity, and a guidepost for all who seek hope in our turbulent times.

1 x 120 Minutes

The Distribution Challenge

Convince public television programmers to set aside their concerns about religious content, and their scheduling challenges with a two-hour block of content, to schedule this portrait of the late saint Mother Teresa. We succeeded in clearing about 45% of the country, primarily for Easter Week programming in April 2023. We expect the coverage will grow gradually over the three year term.

Note: PBS programmers have a tendency to resist Catholic content, unless it emphasizes Latino immigration and social justice issues. Viewers will complain. Still, sometimes Catholic content can be useful to stations seeking to balance religious content focusing on Muslim or Jewish issues.

Contact David Naglieri of the Knights of Columbus for a referral.

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