Captivating Feature Drama, Samhlú: The Art of Imagining, Now Set to Enchant Irish-American Audiences on Streamer OnEire

Captivating Feature Drama, Samhlú: The Art of Imagining, Now Set to Enchant Irish-American Audiences on Streamer OnEire

Tappan, New York… December 15, 2023…

Samhlú: The Art of Imagining, a mesmerizing feature drama commissioned by Creative Ireland and first aired on TG4 during the pandemic in 2020, is set to captivate North American audiences in an exclusive release on the new OnEire free streaming platform. The production, filmed against the breathtaking backdrop of the west coast of Ireland, boasts a stellar cast featuring the renowned comedian and actor Tommy Tiernan, along with a constellation of acclaimed Irish performers, musicians, choirs, dancers, and actors.

Samhlú: The Art of Imagining stands as a testament to Creative Ireland's commitment to fostering artistic endeavors during challenging times. Commissioned during the pandemic, the film showcases the resilience and creativity of the Irish arts community. Led by the charismatic Tommy Tiernan, Samhlú: The Art of Imagining brings together a diverse ensemble of talented performers, including well-known musicians, choirs, dancers, and actors. The collaboration showcases a rich and immersive storytelling experience.

The feature boasts a original musical score by Bill Whelan, the acclaimed creator of the globally renowned Riverdance. Whelan's musical expertise adds a layer of magic to the narrative, ensuring a unique and unforgettable auditory experience.

Writer and director Philip Doherty says, "we had this wanderer, a mythical character, this journeyman, the Tommy Tiernan character, wander into a village looking for magic. The village is a sort of metaphor for Ireland. He has this cart that transforms into a stage and shines light on all the creativity and art that happened this year, that didn’t happen in concert halls or theatres and in festivals. But did happen in private, behind closed doors in rooms, in people’s houses, within communities. He’s a sort of ringmaster for events and performances erupting in every corner of the community.”

Writing for The Irish Times Deirdre Falvey called the film "joyous and surreal." "In Roundstone, County Galway, on a week of wild November nights looking out at the Atlantic, on the small streets and down to the pier at the edge of the world, an abundance of creative people gathered to make some magic to share." Read the entire review here.

    "Samhlú: The Art of Imagining is a celebration of Irish talent and resilience, born out of the challenges posed by the pandemic,” said producer Darach Ó Tuairisg of Galway-based Fibin Media. “We are delighted to partner with Janson Media to share this captivating story with North American audiences through their new streaming platform OnEire.”

    “Our free streaming platform, OnEire, was created to showcase the richness of Irish storytelling in film, television and video, and Samhlú: The Art of Imagining really hits the sweet spot for us,” said Stephen Janson, president of Janson Media, owner of OnEire. Samhlú will take its place as a tentpole production for the nascent OnEire platform, showcasing as it does the breadth and richness of the Irish creative spirit.”

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