Through the Lens of Coffee: Savoring Global Flavors One Cup at a Time

Through the Lens of Coffee: Savoring Global Flavors One Cup at a Time

April 10, 2024, Tappan, NY...

Hungry is excited to announce the acquisition of Chasing Coffee, a new thirteen-part series premiering on the streaming food channel on Sunday, April 14th. 

Chasing Coffee embarks on a fascinating journey with the esteemed coffee roaster and expert Joey Chase. This groundbreaking series transports us with sweeping cinematography to the world's lush coffee plantations and shows us the skilled hands that meticulously harvest, sort, and roast each bean. Chase follows the journey of coffee across three diverse continents, educating the viewer about the different elements of coffee, like flavor, aroma, and body. With an unwavering focus on all aspects of coffee, Chase breaks down the idea that while brews may taste different, excellent coffee, like fine wine, is always a result of expert craftsmanship.  

Chasing Coffee celebrates our universal love affair with coffee and its profound connection to different cultures all around the world. "Our goal was to peel back the veneer and reveal the soul of each destination we visited. Whether riding the waves with farmers in Costa Rica, jamming with Bob Marley's family in Jamaica, or immersing ourselves in the daily rituals of coffee communities, one thing remains constant: Coffee serves as a powerful bridge, forging connections and granting us intimate access into the lives of those who call these remarkable places home" said Joey Chase, series host and a roastmaster. 

"Joey's enthusiasm for coffee and his globetrotting quest to discover the finest roasters and beans is contagious," remarked Lisa Everson, Executive Producer and General Manager of Hungry. "Chasing Coffee aligns seamlessly with Hungry's commitment to providing viewers with immersive culinary experiences. Our audience craves in-depth exploration of topics that resonate, and coffee certainly tops that list!"

Join us as we embark on an unforgettable expedition through the lens of coffee, where every sip unveils a new chapter in the rich tapestry of our favorite brew. Chasing Coffee promises to ignite your senses and leave you craving more with each episode.

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About Hungry

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About Joey Chase

Joey Chase is an explorer, entrepreneur, presenter and filmmaker who got hooked on the allure of travel in the 1980s growing up as the son of an international art and antiques dealer. He later moved off the grid where he practiced sustainable living and back-country exploration while living and working as a volunteer at Mission:Wolf, a wildlife sanctuary in the southern mountains of Colorado. Chase has over 25 years of experience traveling the world as a coffee supply chain specialist. He has developed award-winning coffees and related programs for a myriad of personalities and businesses throughout the industry, from celebrities and celebrity chefs to commercial foodservice distributors and restaurant and hotel groups. Current projects include agricultural supply chains for coffee and medicinal (CBD) hemp throughout the Americas, Europe and Africa. A fresh roasted compilation featuring some of Joey’s favorite coffees can be purchased online.

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