Janson's NELLY RAPP - MONSTER AGENT Haunts North America

Janson's NELLY RAPP - MONSTER AGENT Haunts North America

Janson Media today announced the North American premiere of Nelly Rapp - Monster Agent, the new family-friendly horror-comedy from Swedish director Amanda Adolfsson. The 92-minute feature (Sweden, 2020) was based on a script by Sofie Forsman, and produced by Annika Sucksdorff. The film headlined opening weekend at the 2021 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival at the Stuart Cinema, Sunday October 17th.

Nelly Rapp - Monster Agent stars Matilda Gross in the lead role. Nelly is a 10-year old girl with no friends. She and her dog London begin an autumn holiday with her eccentric uncle. Soon she notices that Uncle Hannibal is a bit, well… different. Snooping around his mansion, Nelly learns an incredible secret. Her family are members of an international brigade of Monster Agents, with a long history of keeping people safe from the denizens of the Otherworld. As the young Nelly excitedly tries to carry on the family tradition she gets dragged into a wild adventure filled with ghosts, vampires and werewolves.

"A charming horror-comedy that's both hilarious and heartfelt, Amanda Adolfsson's family-friendly gem winks at genre touchstones like Universal Monsters while still forming its own delightfully playful identity," said Matt Barone of Complex. "It's monster-heavy fun for all ages."

Nelly Rapp - Monster Agent had its European premiere at Berlinale 2021, where it was nominated for the Generation Kplus competition of the Berlin International Film Festival.

"Despite her outsider status, and undeterred by her single father's suggestion to at least pretend to be normal, her personality remains plucky and cheerful; with red hair, freckles and a mischievous expression on her face, Nelly clearly follows in the tradition of her fellow Swedish girl hero Pippi Longstocking. Both delightfully quirky and laugh-out-loud funny, Nelly Rapp is a joyful romp for an audience of all ages. Bringing a Scandinavian freshness to age-old tropes, this is a worthy addition to the canon of monster films," wrote Josefine Algieri for One Room with a View.

The film, from century-old Nordic production company SF Studios, also stars Lily Wahlsteen, Marianne Mörck and Johan Rheborg. Following the festival premiere, the film's North American digital premiere is set for October 22nd on Amazon Prime Video, where it will be available for rental or purchase. The English dubbed version was produced by Janson Media.

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