Love In Chains, New Russian Drama Series, Breaks Out

Love In Chains, New Russian Drama Series, Breaks Out

Janson Media today announced the release of Love in Chains (24 x 49'), a new historical drama series from Russia, starring Kateryna Kovalchuk and Oleksiy Yarovenko.

Katerina Verbitskaya, a beautiful and clever young girl, was raised as a lady of noble blood by the will of her godmother Anna Chervinskaya. But as far as anyone knew, she is not a member of the nobility, but merely a servant, the property of a man named Peter Chervinsky, the richest landowner in Nizhyn. She falls in love with a nobleman named Alexey Kosach who knows nothing about her origins. On her long journey to freedom, and eventually to love, the beautiful bondmaid overcomes many trials and challenges.

The series, originally titled Krepostnaya, was released in the Ukraine and Russia, and broadcast on TVP Poland. It was directed by Felix Gerchikov and Maksym Lytvynov, and launched on Amazon Prime Video in the United States and Canada to high ratings and rave reviews.

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