"Mother Teresa: No Greater Love" Released to Streamers

"Mother Teresa: No Greater Love" Released to Streamers

August 22, 2023... Janson Media today announced the release of its acclaimed documentary feature Mother Teresa: No Greater Love on popular AVOD streaming platforms, FreeVee and JANSON.tv, starting from August 22, 2023. This moving documentary, which received widespread acclaim during its successful nationwide theatrical release in October 2022, is also available for purchase or rental on multiple streaming platforms.

In partnership with the Catholic fraternal organization, the Knights of Columbus, Mother Teresa: No Greater Love delves into the life and legacy of Mother Teresa, the revered humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. This documentary provides an intimate, inspirational portrayal of Mother Teresa's lifelong dedication to aiding the destitute, bringing hope, empathy, and dignity to countless individuals worldwide.

Director David Naglieri's vision and passion for storytelling have brought this remarkable documentary to fruition. With unprecedented access to archival footage, personal interviews, and exclusive insights into Mother Teresa's journey, No Greater Love offers a profound exploration of her selfless mission and the indelible impact she has made on our global community.

“When Mother Teresa was feeding the hungry or holding the hands of someone as they lay dying, she was treating them as she would the most important person in her life, Jesus Christ himself. Our hope is that Mother Teresa: No Greater Love will inspire a new generation to carry on her mission,” said Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly.

"We are delighted to share 'Mother Teresa: No Greater Love' with viewers everywhere," said Stephen Janson of Janson Media. "This film celebrates the remarkable life of Mother Teresa and underscores the boundless potential for compassion and love within the human spirit. Our digital release aims to make this extraordinary story accessible to a wider audience, spreading her message of hope and compassion."

In addition to FreeVee and JANSON.tv, Mother Teresa: No Greater Love is available for purchase or rental on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ (formerly iTunes), Google Play, Youtube Movies, and Vudu. Links to watch the film on a wide range of platforms can be found here. Earlier this year over 45% of the country was able to see the film on public television stations for the first time, during Easter Week.

For more information and updates about the film and its release platforms, visit the official film website, and join in the conversation on Instagram and Facebook.

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